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Coronation Property

Coronation Property, which is wholly owned and managed in Australia, gives a unique approach to the process of developing urban precincts all over Sydney by combining in-depth familiarity with the area with decades of expertise in the construction industry.

At Coronation Property, we are incredibly honoured to call the city of Sydney our home. Because of our ties to this great and multifaceted city, we are dedicated to the development of thriving urban neighbourhoods in which individuals may make a life for themselves. It is not simply the structures that we produce that are important to us; rather, it is the lives that we help to improve as well as the legacy that we will leave behind.

Our quest for quality may be uncompromising, but it is what motivates us to be daring, to defy convention, and to discover new ways to astonish and please our customers.

People are living, dreaming, and creating something new in every corner of our city, and we are aware that there is a great deal more to Sydney than just the core suburbs. We believe that everyone can appreciate and benefit from good design, great quality, and a feeling of connection, so we make it a point to aim for these things in every development we make.

Coronation is a fully integrated developer, which means that we control all elements of the development process, from the initial concept to the construction and building management of the project. This is one of the many reasons why working with us is such a rewarding experience.

We make sure that the product we offer is of great quality by working closely with our fantastic team of industry specialists to ensure that the development process is carried out without a hitch.